Dhaalu Atoll For Your Holiday Island Resort In The Maldives

Dhaalu Atoll

When you choose a holiday island resort in the Maldives, an island hideaway, where you can forget the worries and stresses of 21st Century life, do you take a low risk Maldives Vacation Package using a well known tour operator to one of the better known resorts within a speedboat ride of the airport?


Do you allow yourself the chance to totally escape and fly by sea plane to one of the more distant Atolls such as Dhaalu Atoll.

There is so much to recommend an Atoll like Dhaalu which is 150 Km away from Male. It is 5kms south of Faafu Atoll, and is a small atoll measuring 38 kms in length and 23 kms in width. In fact the only Atoll more distant is Seenu Atoll to the south east of Dhaalu.

The Dhaalu Atoll consists of 46 islands, only 8 are inhabited and 2 islands have resorts, but of interest should be the island of Ribudhoo where the most skilled gold and silversmiths make jewellery. Very few people live in this Atoll, and a visit now may well be the best time.

The two Holiday Island resorts in this part of the Maldives are:

Angsana at Velaavaru which has been renovated is a 5 star hotel has 84 rooms and is 150 Kms from the airport, taking 45 minutes by sea plane. As the Dhaalu Atoll is virtually unexplored and undiscovered the hotel arranges a lot of excursions to discover the huge number of experiences the Atoll has to offer.

Vilu Reef Beach & Spa is a 4 star hotel with 101 rooms which is 156 Kms from the airport, taking 35 minutes by sea plane.

At the end of the day the decision is yours. There is no risk, so you can take a Maldives vacation Package and play safe, stick close to Male, enjoying a resort that may be brilliant, but everyone has been to before, or you travel to Dhaalu Atoll, and escape, truly escape to what is a real Maldives Island Hideaway, that your friends have never heard of, and stay at the perfect Holiday island resort on the Maldives.